Norway best 2D animation studio

Norway’s best 2D animation studio

For marketers, animated videos are one of the favourite forms of digital content. Guessing why? Firstly, it’s due to their extraordinary power to engage audiences. Secondly, they also help to gain attention on social media quickly. Thus it results in an increased conversion rate. So, the very fair question is, “Who is Norway’s best 2D animation studio?” Before getting started, you can have a look at some 2D animation samples.

Key factors to consider best 2D animation studio in Norway

There can be several aspects to this question. Anyone with a fine effort and cash can create a video. Even so, for high-quality deliverables, consider a supplier with a good reputation. Here are three points that should be considered.

1. Budget

Truly budget is often an essential concern when choosing a provider. If you are unsure of what you require or the type of video, you desire. It is necessary to work with a 2D animation provider who has experience. Hence a video with poor voice-over, low resolution, or out of sync will certainly harm your products or brand. In contrast, it should be helping in conversions. On the whole, do check out our reasonable price packages for high quality animated products.

Our 2D animation studio in Norway create all videos from the surface. To illustrate, we don’t use templates, paint, or recycle previous animations. On the opposite, most of the Norwegian animation manufacturers don’t start from scratch.

2. Customers choice guide for best 2D animation studio

Furthermore, the factors that our customers consider while selecting a 2D animation provider are,

  • Easy to start-up and production process.
  • Prices that are transparent and understandable.
  • Our response time to get involved is on the chat or phone.
  • Previous achievements and great videos with good results.

Our 2D animation studio has found the balance between “hard sale” and humble explanation. Indeed it is based on our long experience in the Norwegian animation market. In addition to an understanding of Norwegian approaches to sales.

Can they deliver top-quality 2D animation in your budget?

(Please note that at first, some animation studios suggest a price, but then they require an increased budget during the project. Therefore fixed price project is essential.)

Do they make animations from scratch? Or do they use ready-made templates?

 (Many Norwegian 2D animation suppliers change existing templates. Here you lose uniqueness. It can limit your opportunities to get a customized product)

How long do they need to deliver a 60-second 2D video?

(This will quickly reveal if the vendor is creating new material or recovering from templates. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete a 60-second video)

Do we have to make our script, or do they provide it?

(Lastly, the manuscript is one of the most essential components when making a 2D video. To sum up, if the vendor requires you to do so, it means they have not understood their role in the project)

Now with all this information you know who is Norway’s best 2D animation studio.

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